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All fillers only available on standard delivery (09.05.2022)
All fillers only available on standard delivery (09.05.2022)
Aesthetics word pandemic

Christmas Cheer 2. Its all in the word

Listening to the radio on my way home the other evening, I caught an interesting piece about the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine and in particular Professor Jonathan Van Tam using the train journey metaphor to explain where the UK is with the vaccine (one of the many I might add that he has delighted us with during this pandemic #JVT fan club).

The next day I asked the team at myPharmacyspace Aesthetics if they had heard this piece and at the same time we got chatting about other words and phrases that have come out since the pandemic and wow there are many! My favourite and still going strong when doing zoom calls with our cub group is; 'Unmute' - I can't hear you'  

So, rather than listing them, and to make it a little more fun, here are the favourite word and phrases of 2020 in a word search format. Hope you enjoy and please do let us know of any other words/phrases that you have come across.

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As the song goes, 'It's all in the word'


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