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All fillers only available on standard delivery (09.05.2022)
All fillers only available on standard delivery (09.05.2022)
Sal's Corner - Post-treatment procedures following Botox application

Sal's Corner - Post-treatment procedures following Botox application

Every month our Company Director and Superintendent Pharmacist Shailesh Patel, will be covering a clinical area. This month's topic is POST TREATMENT PROCEDURES FOLLOWING BOTOX APPLICATION.

A: There is a paucity of published research evidence to support post-treatment recommendations commonly provided to patients. A small body of evidence supports the recommendations for exercising treated muscles post toxin administration to increase the uptake of botulinum toxin as well as avoiding UV-B radiation with the use of a SPF 30 sunscreen post toxin. Further studies are required to confirm these recommendations. No published evidence support the recommendations to avoid massaging the area, strenuous exercise, lying or bending down, of flying within 24 hours of administration. The use of cooling post administration to soothe and reduce bruising should no longer be recommended until further research is performed.


Aesthetic Procedures: Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology. Beth Haney. Springer

Beth is a US aesthetic practitioner who has produced this book aimed at nurse practitioners. A useful resource that offers guidance to nurses who are experienced or novice aesthetic practitioners who would like to improve their aesthetic practice and enhance patient safety and satisfaction.

The book is broken up into chapters that review skin structure and anatomy,  what happens as facial structures age, the effects of aging coupled with environmental exposures, pharmacology of medications used in aesthetics, light-based device properties, patient selection, and benefits of treatments.​

In addition, it includes suggestions on how to communicate with patients to achieve successful outcomes. Aesthetic Procedures: Nurse Practitioner's Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology provides practitioners a one-source resource to attain more in-depth learning about cosmetic dermatology. Although there are several texts on individual aspects of
aesthetic medicine, there is no all-inclusive book for nurses.
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