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Cut off for next day delivery is 3PM (prescriptions, if required, also need to be sent via email by 3pm ) Spend over £500 & get a free PPE Bundle, spend over £1000 & get a free PPE Bundle & Rush o Lash Serum
Cut off for next day delivery is 3PM (prescriptions, if required, also need to be sent via email by 3pm ) Spend over £500 & get a free PPE Bundle, spend over £1000 & get a free PPE Bundle & Rush o Lash Serum


For products that are on prescription, we require a copy of the prescription before we can dispatch the order.

The process for this is as follows:

  • Add prescription items to basket*
  • Print off template prescription currently located under the downloads tab.
  • Add the items onto the prescription alongside the patient and prescriber** details. Sign and date. 
  • Checkout and pay for the order online to receive an order number
  • Take a photo and email the completed form to putting the order number in the email title
  • Post the original copy of the prescription to Pharmacy Space 5 Bessemer Crescent, Rabans Lane Industrial Area, Aylesbury, Hp21 9AU

Please note if you have placed an order for next day delivery, the prescription needs to be emailed by 3pm on the day of ordering to make same day dispatch.

*If you have dermal fillers on prescription please ensure you make sure the product you select has (prescription item) in the product title

**If you are not a prescriber, your partner prescriber will need to complete the prescription template and email the prescriptions to you, which you can email on to us. It is the prescribers responsibility to ensure we receive the original prescriptions within 72hrs.


Prescribing in medical aesthetics -  Prescribing, which products can and can’t be ordered on prescription

This can be broken down into two sections – clinic consumables and medical devices and prescription only medicines.
Clinic consumables
All practitioners are able to purchase certain commonly-used products over the counter in a pharmacy. These include Needles, syringes, swabs, gloves, cannulas and, dermal fillers as these are classified as medical devices and there are no legal barriers to their supply. These should not be prescribed on a prescription.
At Pharmacyspace we always check a practitioner’s professional qualification and ensure that they have completed a course in the use of fillers before making a sale, but there is no legislation in place that prevents the supply of dermal fillers to anyone. These goods are subject to 20% VAT if not prescribed on a private prescription. 
Prescription only medicines
Ok if we break this down into two groups Doctors and dentists and Nurse Independent Prescribers (NIPs)
Doctors and dentists
The human medicines regulations 2012 permits registered doctors and dentist to order POM medicine as stock for clinic use as well as order medicines for specific patients on prescriptions.
Prescription only medicines (POMs) such as botulinum toxin, adrenaline, hyaluronidase and IV sodium chloride can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, or wholesaler via a signed order by a doctor or dentist. Supplies obtained in this way are also subject to 20% VAT
Please note issues can arise in relation to supply of stock on a signed order by medical practitioners who request supplies to their home address. The GMC medical register does not include the address of registered doctors so home addresses cannot be verified. An example of a problem occuring was a case of ex-employees of a slimming clinic used a doctor's GMC registration, without their knowledge to set up accounts with deliveries to their home address.
Doctors operating in the cosmetic sector will be working from clinics registered with the CQC in England, Healthcare Inspectorate in Wales, Healthcare Improvement in Scotland  and The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority in Northern Ireland. Medicines should usually be dispatched to these verifiable addresses rather than residential properties.
Other Independent Prescribers (IPs) have similar prescribing privileges to doctors and dentists, however their handling of stock is significantly different. IPs cannot order stock in the same way as doctors and dentists as they always require a prescription to be written and dispensed prior to administering a POM to a patient. Consequently, they are unable to treat new patients at their first consultation. This is unless they work in the same clinic as a doctor or dentist, who is required to be present when the nurse administers the POM.